"Working in corporate, with tight schedules and workload was disrupting my work-life balance and each day was becoming too stressful for me. I came across Magecon Wellness which has some amazing products and these products give a fresh perspective on health and wellness. Magecon is just right for people who struggle with the fine balance between intake and output. I am impressed with their products as they are natural and certainly have gone above and beyond to promote wellness from the inside out and I would highly recommend Magecon as a resource to anyone who is interested in optimizing their own health and well-being."
Aarti Kumari
Senior Data Analyst

"I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a few years back. This got me worried as I have a family to look after. I was not really up for any kind Allopathic treatment, therefore, I opted for Ayurveda and that is when I came across Magecon wellness. I tried the ‘Insulicks Plus’ and since then I have seen a remarkable balance in my diabetic condition. With an appropriate diet and Insulicks Plus, I have been able to maintain a healthy body and mind. Thanks to Magecon Wellness, I go about my daily work and spend hassle-free quality time with my family."
Sudhir Rao
Bank Manager

"I was overweight for my age and height. My confidence and self-esteem had hit an all-time low. I would feel embarrassed to go to parties with my friends. This is one thing I wanted to change about myself. It is another to be equipped with the guidance and knowledge to implement the change. Magecon Wellness Health Challenge bridged that gap for me. I believe there are many people who want to change but don’t know where to start. I lost 15 kilos without counting a single calorie. Magecon’s exceptional product - WEREMA Weight reducing master certainly helped me burn the extra flab and gain back my confidence."
Zarine Poonawala
Final year BSc student

"I am a diabetic patient since last 30 years. I am a resident of Maredpally in Secundrabad Telangana state. I have consulted many doctors for my diabetic condition and was on tablets and later on Human Insulin for many years. My sugar levels were always fluctuating high and never under proper control. Due to high sugar levels, I had suffered several cerebral strokes. In September 2019, I met Dr. Somashekhar in Bangalore. He put me on Insulicks plus powder. Since then my sugar levels had dropped and now is under control. I am also taking Altyptyee tablets which has definitely boosted up my immune system. My sincere thanks to Dr. Somashekhar for referring and introducing me to his products. Last week my fasting sugar was 100 and my post lunch sugar was 160. Really very grateful for all the services rendered by Dr. Somashekhar."
Y.V.Nageshwar rao